What is Supa Golf?

Supa Golf is similar to your traditional golf course, only

with a twist: everything is super sized. With over sized

clubs and large golf balls anyone can play this exciting

take on golf.

Do you have to book for Supa Golf?

No bookings are required.

How long does a game of Supa Golf take?

Nine holes will take about one hour twenty minutes.

Are there age restrictions to play Supa Golf?

Supa Golf is for anyone aged 6 and up. There is no upward

age limit – great fun for all ages.

How big are the clubs and balls?

The Supa Golf club head is 120% bigger than a regular

golf club and the shaft length and size remains the same.

The Supa Golf Ball is about two and a half times the size of

regular ball. Each shot goes about a third of the distance

of a regular golf shot.

Is there a dress code?

No. Whilst there is no dress code we expect people to

dress appropriately for our climate and suggest closed

shoes for safety.

Can we bring drinks and alcohol?

No, Sirromet Winery offers food and beverages.

What will the weather be like?

Please check the department of meteorology for the latest

weather information.