There are four clubs in a SUPA GOLF™ set

THE BIG BOY OR “THE DRIVA” Based on a conventional 3 wood, used for teeing off and fairway shots.

THE STRIKER OR “THE STRIKA” Based on a conventional 4 -5 iron and used for teeing off, fairway shots and chipping.

THE JIGGER OR “THE LOFTA” Based on a conventional 9 iron and used for teeing off, short approach shots and chipping.

THE PUTTER OR “THE PUTTA” Based on a conventional putter and can be used for both left and right handed players.

The club heads are approximately twice the size of a conventional golf club head and have conventional shafts and grips so that the weight, mechanics and feel of the swing are identical to that of a normal golf club.

supa golf equipment

Supa Golf™ Balls

The balls are 2 to 3 times larger than a regular golf ball and iridescent in colour, therefore easily located by both players and spectators.

Each player receives one ball for a round of golf. This means that care is taken throughout the round not to lose the ball. Good news, with the size of the ball and the bright colouring it is almost impossible to lose!

Due to the technology and research that has gone into the design, SUPA GOLF™ balls have similar flight characteristics to that of traditional golf balls.